Powerful Solutions for Delivering your
Targeted Messages

Web Account

Manage your SMS on Cloud with Support to all operating systems and browsers. Providing you Access from any type of device.

API Integration

Automate receiving and sending SMS gateway in just a few minutes. Access free SMS APIs with sample codes such as PHP, Java, NET.

Personalized Sender ID

Sender ID lets you send Programmable SMS by a customized sender title in confirmed states. Alphanumeric Sender ID works on single text messages.

What All we Offer

Business Whatsapp

Get your own customizable chatbot for automatically answering 80% of your customers' queries, sending unlimited bulk broadcasts, and streamlining all your customers' conversations on one platform!

Promotional SMS

Reach your audience at scale with a few clicks, be assured of best-in-class delivery rates, and drive unmatched ROI for your marketing spend.

Transactional SMS.

Transactional SMS's are sent by a company to their clientele to convey some urgent information which is important for them.

Our Features

Realtime Reports

Quantify campaign outreach and efficacy with real-time SMS delivery reports, and optional click metrics for many weblinks and attachments delivered status through our API or take advantage of analytical reports on our web panel.

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Our Features

Easy Deployment

Easy and Immediate Deployment (Only requirement is an internet connection). We are valued for having a professional approach towards SMS Campaigns. Using Mobishastra's services, you save time and money while giving more control and flexibility in an easy way.

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Notifications and Alerts

It is the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to inform you clients of any updates that take place at your business. Using our transactional SMS API, You can send reminders, notification alerts to any or all your customers.

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Why to chose Us

In Nigeria, if you are using bulk SMS service and want to access all mobile numbers in different networks, then the company whose service you are using must be directly linked to all mobile service providers in Nigeria. Otherwise, SMS will not be delivered to the operator that was not connected directly.